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Walker Cameras was established in 1989, manufacturing traditional wood and brass field cameras. In 1996 Walker Cameras introduced the world’s first ABS mould-injected plastic large format camera. This was the Walker Titan SF 4x5 with triple extension and full movements.


There were eventually four cameras in the Titan range: the SF 4x5, which unfortunately is no longer made; the wide-angle XL 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 versions with fixed back (focus only) with all other movements on the front standard. The Harman Titan Pinhole cameras were then added to our range. The latest addition, the Titan 4x10XL is also available with further details by emailing mike@walkercamers.com


A variety of accessories are available from Walker Cameras



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01.01.21 - Following the UK leaving the EU, all our goods shipped to EU countries no longer have UK VAT added. All goods shipped will carry the correct customs declarations, including harmonised codes for each product, to enable forward processing.


01.02.18 - The Harman Titan 4x5 Pinhole Camera for 2018 is back to the original price of £137.50.  We are offering FREE post to anywhere in the world!!  This item is fully stocked and can be sent as soon as your payment is made - look for the ‘BUY NOW’ on our Pinhole Camera page.  Toyo Film Holders are available to buy with the 4x5 kit or are also available separately - 4x5 and 8x10. Please email for price and post details:  mike@walkercameras.com 


Walker Cameras News Archive


05.12.15 - The Walker Titan SF 4x5 is now completely sold out. No further SF’s will be made. In December 2013 Walker Cameras announced the last 10 SF’s available to order. The decision to cease production of this innovative camera was due to the loss of the mould injection tools, which were destroyed by the mould injection company charged with the storage of these irreplaceable tools. It was with great sadness that Walker Cameras confirmed the production of the final SF’s.


We will continue to look out for used SF’s and would love to hear from anybody considering selling!!


04.06.11 - Walker Cameras is now an official retailer/distributor of Ilford logofilm.


Other additions include stunning new images in the gallery and you can also watch the Titan 8x10 video review. Please contact us if you wish to comment or have any questions about the website.