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  Schneider Magnifying Loupes  
  Schneider Loupes  


Schneider magnifying loupes are available in the folloiwng sizes:


Magnifier 3x for large field of view 6x7cm - Price on Asking
Magnifier 4x the universal magnifier for 35mm format - Price on Asking
Magnifier 6x aspheric, covering the full 35mm format - Price on Asking
Magnifier 10x for very feinest details - Price on Asking


Large lens diameter and ample diopter compensation permit comfortable, effortless viewing as well as a large field of view for eyeglass wearers. A sophisticated quick fastening device permits fast attachment or removal of the gently elastic neck strap. The 3x, 4x and 6x magnifiers are supplied with interchangeable opaque and transparent bases ( skirts ) for viewing reflection copy and transparencies.



To place an order please email - mike@walkercameras.com