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Walker Titan XL 5x7

The newest offering from British camera maker Mike Walker is the Titan XL Wide 5x7. Like Walker's previous Titan 4x5 and XL Wide 4x5 models, his new 5x7 model is made from ABS polymer. This is a rugged plastic material that is extremely durable, rigid and stable — ideal characteristics in a field camera. The design features a non-folding body with full front standard movements and a rigid, fixed back. While the lack of back movements may not make the Walker ideal for all applications, it does have distinct advantages. Setting up the camera is much faster than a conventional folding model. With a lens left on the camera during transport, it can literally be ready to shoot in seconds — just mount it on the tripod and focus and you're ready to go. The lack of rear standard movements also makes the camera much more rigid than a back with complex movements. And finally, it makes the camera well suit-ed for use with Keith Canham's 6x17cm roll film back, which it was designed to accept. A 4x5 reducing back is also available, making the Walker a true multi-format camera. While the minimum and maximum bellows extension specs may appear a bit limiting, Mike Walker worked closely with Schneider to insure his new camera would easily handle lenses from 72mm (the widest that will cover 5x7) to 400mm telephoto on flat lens-boards.

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