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The Walker Titan XL 5x7 Field camera is another Walker wide angled camera with a fixed back designed for ease of use. The Camera takes lenses from the remarkable Schneider 72XL lens and, although a wide angled camera, has been designed to take lenses up to the Schneider 400mm Tele.


The body is made from ABS using both injection moulded and machine cut parts.  As with all Walker cameras, finished with a very durable non-slip coating and all fittings are made from stainless steel.


The movements are simplified with rise and fall axis tilt and swing on the front with an option of having shift on the front.  The rear standard is fixed apart from focussing.  The bellows are interchangeable.


It has an International/Graflok back not normally found on cameras larger than 4x5, but which has been designed to accommodate the Canham 6x17 motorised roll film holder.  There is also a 4x5 reducing back available.


The focussing screen is a one piece acrylic screen with etched surface on one side and Fresnel on the other, with a separate cover glass which has a grid pattern plus markings for the 6x17 roll film holder.


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Walker Titan XL 5x7 Specifications
Maximum Bellows Extension with standard bellows
Minimum Bellows Extension
Maximum Bellows Extension with wide-angle bellows
Front Tilt (either direction from centre position)
Front Swing (either direction from centre position)
Front Vertical movement
86mm (+50mm, -36mm)
Shortest focal length with flat lens board
Lens Panel (Linhof / Wista type)
97mm x 99mm
International / Grafolk
3.0kg / 6.6lbs